6 Misconceptions of Street Art

Recognition for art on the streets is low and street artist’s have to work twice as hard to get there work noticed by the public without risking a criminal record.

1. Street art is vandalism

This is a controversial issue and many people have various views.
To me it’s expression and in the right environment street art should be allowed in every town or city across the U.K such as skateparks, legal graffiti walls and in public parks etc

2. Street Art is only done by delinquent teenage boys.

This is very far from the truth. All men and women of all ages have expressed themselves by creating street art throughout history.

3. Street art is not art

This is open to interpretation.
Very slowly street art is making its way into the main stream and events such as Street Fest in London has just had their 7th festival in 2014. These festivals show cast vast amounts of talent and different types of street art and graffiti which appeal too a wide audience.

Also many other cities across the U.K have started street art festivals. We were lucky enough to enjoy Paint Jam in early August 2014. The first ever street art festival for Gloucester.
The festivals are usually weekend events that can be enjoyed by all ages.

4. Street art and graffiti is bad for the community.

Street art brings people and businesses across the spectrum together. Many companies offer or commission a street artist to design something for their premises.
This may include a mural on the side of the building, street art painted within a pub or nightclub or to spruce up a company’s reception area.

5. All Street artists are well off.

Most street artist do sell their work but the profits are put back into their art and more materials and art supplies are bought with the proceeds.

6. Street Artists have it easy.

Many artist’s struggle to show the world their talents and street art is a big door way to showing vast amounts of people their work. Street artist’s have to prove themselves and be dedicated in order for their work to receive any recognition.






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