Retro Trends – Fashion

Bring back baggy Jeans!!

The whole point of this rant is to figure out when baggy jeans will make an appearance obviously they have been losing out to skinny jeans for far too long!

Fashion is a crazy industry. Every piece of clothing we have has been done before. Trends come and go but how do they start? It’s complicated! Something that was once in fashion will surely come back around eventually!

Skinny Jeans have been in fashion for the past few years originally starting in the 1950′s.
Baggy jeans were at their peak in the in the late 80′s and throughout the 90′s due to popular hip hop bands Run DMC and the Beastie Boys also skateboarding was very popular and in my opinion sport and music play a large part in fashion trends.

We might not have that long to wait slogan tshirts with large logos are creeping their way back in. I thought the large printed Tee’s would have stayed locked in the 90′s but who am
I to judge every piece of clothing needs a second chance or in many cases a third or fourth.

If I have worked out my calculations correctly I think roughly it takes 15 years for a trend to come back around. Sooner rather than later the Baggy Jeans will be back on top where they belong. Here’s hoping in 2014 next year we will all be heading back to 1999 I can’t wait!


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