My Nectar List

Much like your bucket list, but stuff you have already achieved and the highlights you are proud of! Very positive blog! Would like to hear everyone elses!

1. I stayed up partying all night at a fiesta in Spain
2. I was sick on Malibu when I was 17 and haven’t drunk it since
3. I went to Nimbin (Amsterdam of Australia) for a few nights and it was amazing
4.I met Jamie Callum and went to his after show party
5. I got a free ticket to sound festival in Sydney Australia
6. I had dreads for 4 years
7. I stayed in the VIP section of Leeds festival and saw the cast of hollyokes
8. I met tim from ash at his gig backstage
9. I went on a last minute road trip to london to see the fireworks for New Year’s Eve in the year 2000 (Best New Year to date)
10. I was an extra in a tesco commercial
11. I was on a TV show with carol vordamon about Technology
12. I was a massive [spunge] fan in my early twenties and saw them live loads and met them a couple of times at their gigs
13. I went to Macy’s and Bloomingdales in New York City
14. I stayed in london for a long weekend and went to a gig every night
15. I met Ade Adepitan at a Damian Marley gig at Somerset House, London
16. Rented a house with an indoor swimming pool and we all went swimming drunk at 2am
17. Pretty sure I saw a red back in Australia but I didn’t stick around
18. Been gay clubbing in canal st Manchester
19. Went to see a Cardiff tiger bay brawlers roller derby match
20. Saw cats the musical and it was awesome
21. I have autographs from the cast of Glee
22. Me and my mates had breakfast with Rory McLeod
23. Been up the Empire State Building
24. Did the skywalk in Sydney
25. Went up the Eiffel Tower
26. Been to disney world, Epcot, NASA and universal studios
27. Participated in free art Friday Gloucester
28. Went to Hong Kong and did the Victoria harbour boat tour
29. Took photos of graffiti in Sydney Newtown park

30. Went to see the imagine circle tribute at Central Park

31. Took a flight on my own for the first time to Spain age 35.

32. Went to Dismaland on the first day it opened in Weston Super Mare.

33. Went to Vegas for a friends Wedding.




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