My Top 5 pieces of Streetart

This is a list of my favourite photos of street art or Graffiti. Through traveling or just walking around my home town there is street art and graffiti everywhere.  Some of the photos I’ve taken I know of the artist and their work but some of my photos taken whilst traveling I am not familiar with the underground graffiti scene for that area so therefore I cannot unfortunately credit the artist.

1. Cheltenham based artist Dice 67 found in Gloucester on the old Fusion pub still there now! Love this piece of street art and I’m lucky enough to own an original copy.


2. Artist Chow found in Leamington Spa.


3. This piece of street art was quite a recent find found in January 2015. By local Gloucester base artist Trix who has an extensive portfolio around The city.


4. Found in St George Rd Cheltenham under the bypass. This is by local street artist Beastie from Gloucester


5. Can’t do a street art post without mentioning the legend Banksy. This piece was found in Cheltenham. A lot of controversy to who owns the piece. But as of today the piece of art has been tagged by graffiti.


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