Upfest Review 2015

Europe’s largest Street art festival, Upfest, North Street, Bedminster, Bristol.

Upfest is a free street art festival which includes, live painting, music, bands, market stalls, spray painting lessons and many local businesses getting involved to promote the event which is held on the last weekend in July.

Upfest helps support local businesses in Bedminster and a lot of their income comes from the busy weekend at the end of July.  The festival started in 2008 and has proved extremely popular among Bristol residents in North Street, Bedminster. The festival also attracts visitors from all around the country that attend to see the live painting from over 250 street artists from all over the world.

Upfest 2015

There is also a Upfest gallery shop on North street, where you can find and purchase many pieces of artwork from the artists involved in the festival. Since Upfest began it has supported and has raised money for a local Bristol charity:

 The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA).


Upfest 2015 has been promoted really well this year via social media pages and has also had featured articles after the event in The Times, The Guardian and the Telegraph Newspapers.

Due to Upfest being free and family friendly it’s an excellent festival to visit. All ages can get involved in activities put on by the festival.

There is also a chance to speak to your favourite artists taking part in the event.

Here is a select few pictures from Upfest 2015.

Art by Diff
Art by @LoneWolfVisuals
Art by Beastie

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