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5 Benefits of Social Media


How the Devil does Social Media work for Business 6 Top Tips! No Jargon Included! 

1. If you like talking Twitter is perfect. The whole point of twitter is not to be corporate and talk to customers on a level they would appreciate! As soon as you get into the habit of starting a conversation and asking questions with potential leads it will payoff.

2. Facebook works differently. Most users scan their feed quickly so any advertisement has to be eye catching and worth a look! Photos, infographics, videos, pictures any multimedia works best on Facebook to draw attention to your brand! 

3. Pinterest is gaining vast amounts of users everyday. The key to Pinterest is commitment keep finding images for your boards and build up a profile. This will take time and effort but worth it in the long run! In business this works best for creative products, such as fashion, jewellery, art, furniture making and baking. 

4. Write a blog! Blogging is needed in every business, company or organisation. A blog will help to sell your service or product. Customers love finding information out about products and services without having to ask! This is also great for SEO and building a fan base who will share your interesting content. 

5. Eventually Social media for business will be a 24/7 gig. If you are consistent on your social media results will show. Choose a social media platform that fits for you.The key to social media is time and consistency.

6. The most positive thing about social media for business is most cities or towns have a social media community you can get involved in! You just have to find it! 


6 reasons Why pinterest will change your life

1. Pinterest is the easiest place to form ideas and see endless examples of what you actually want to do, go, be!

2. It’s a sharing social media platform and sharing posts is great as you meet many many individuals into the same things as you are.

3. Pinterest is chilled out. There is no need to rush you can add pins to your boards all at once or over a long period of time, there is no finishing line.

4. The hours spent on Pinterest are worth while, fun and helpful to whatever you are trying to achieve.

5. It’s near impossible not to stumble across something you have never seen or done before.

6. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to have group boards where other pinners can pin to a board you have created, you have the choice to invite anyone you want as long as they are following you and you are following their account.

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