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5 reasons why streetart is important and a positive part of our society 



  1. Street art in U.K cities can make the cityscape look interesting and unique to that particular place or region. Especially if the city has streetart that incorporates its history and events. This can be seen as an advantage to most places.

  2. The bigger Cities and towns across the U.K such as London, Bristol, Manchester and Birmingham have a well developed street art scene attracting many street artists to paint there. This can improve a cities art culture and turn that city into an artistic hub which can attract more visitors and art lovers.

  3. Within our cities and towns street art is given to us usually on a daily basis by the street artists for free. At a cost they are willing to pay to show us what they believe in.

  4. Street art is risky due to illegalities, but also a massive advertising tool to make your talents known within your city. It allows street artists to get noticed and be able to make it in the creative world.

  5. Streetart makes most people inspired when they see murals around their city. It can make the average building look interesting.   This allows a shop, business or workplace to stand out with a colourful unique design.