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Why Street Art Never Stays Around Forever 

I love street art and taking as many pictures of it as I can. The main reason I document street art is because it never stays around forever. No matter how great you or the next person thinks the piece of art is, there are certain factors that help to destroy street art as soon as the paint dries. These factors include:

1. Taggers are the main culprits. A tagger is someone who wants to destroy other people’s art work. I mainly think it’s through jealousy of the artists work or they think they can do better themselves. It may just be through boredom and it’s just a joke to tag another persons work. When it comes to street art unfortunately there are no rules and everything is fair game.

2015-07-27 18.56.55
Bedminster, Bristol skate park July 2015.


2. Local authorities have to maintain a certain standard within towns or cities. The council will cover up street art pretty much within a week or so. There is always an exception to the rule if it’s a Banksy piece this usually stays as they are interested in the money aspect or tourism that can and would benefit the town or city.

The Banksy in Cheltenham Spa.

3. Property Owners If a building is graffitied without the consent of the owner the street art is likely to be painted over. Sometimes it may stay but this would be at the owners discretion.

2015-07-26 17.35.32-1
Building over looking the Bedminster, Bristol, skate park.

4. Demolition Many derelict buildings will have some kind or graffiti inside the property or on the outside. Unfortunately these buildings are sometimes condemned and likey to be torn down. There is usually no time frame and luckily many buildings are around for a long time before they get demolished.

Prince of Wales pub, Gloucester demolished in July 2015.