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Interview with Street Artist Korp 

Proud to present an interview with the contemporary and Peterborough based urban street artist Korp.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Korp and a draw worms although when I get time I cut multi layer stencils as well

How do you feel about street art in your current city/environment? do you like it?

Despite the Arts Council calling it a cultural blackspot Peterborough has a growing street art scene, there are some legal walls and a few writers that get up regularly. The city centre has a huge piece of street art by Blok Collective that covers the underpasses linking the city centre to the train station which is well worth a look. Its also worth taking a look at the Green Backyard where you can usually find someone painting or something creative going on.

There are lots of graffiti artists, How does your artwork stand out from the rest?

I stumbled across my Korpworm character a few years ago while taking part in the Boston Sketchbook project. It’s a very simple worm character that was quick and easy to reproduce but quite effective and easily recognisable. People liked what I was doing and it has slowly evolved over the years with arms and feathers to become my trademark. I find it’s a lot more difficult to stand out as a stencil artists as one multi layer stencil looks very much like the next.

What are the good and bad things about creating street art in your city?

The good thing about street art in Peterborough is the actual street artists who are all very talented and really easy to get on with. The bad thing is that there are not enough opportunities within the city for these artists, there are a few that try to juggle being an artist with organising events but that can be a challenge especially when they get more success and recognition elsewhere.

Who’s your favorite graffiti/ contemporary artist?

Tough call between Logan Hicks or Shepard Fairey, I’m in love with the intricate detail in Hicks multi layer stencils but I also love the bold mass produced propaganda style you get from Obey. It was seeing a Logan Hicks YouTube video of him painting Taipei Alley that motivated me to start cutting stencils.

How important do you think it is to be creative?

Very, its therapy. Whatever your mood on the day you paint it and bring it out in your work.

Korp at Gloucester Paint Jam 2014

To find out more information and artwork on Korp please see links below:

Korp Facebook Page


6 Misconceptions of Street Art

Recognition for art on the streets is low and street artist’s have to work twice as hard to get there work noticed by the public without risking a criminal record.

1. Street art is vandalism

This is a controversial issue and many people have various views.
To me it’s expression and in the right environment street art should be allowed in every town or city across the U.K such as skateparks, legal graffiti walls and in public parks etc

2. Street Art is only done by delinquent teenage boys.

This is very far from the truth. All men and women of all ages have expressed themselves by creating street art throughout history.

3. Street art is not art

This is open to interpretation.
Very slowly street art is making its way into the main stream and events such as Street Fest in London has just had their 7th festival in 2014. These festivals show cast vast amounts of talent and different types of street art and graffiti which appeal too a wide audience.

Also many other cities across the U.K have started street art festivals. We were lucky enough to enjoy Paint Jam in early August 2014. The first ever street art festival for Gloucester.
The festivals are usually weekend events that can be enjoyed by all ages.

4. Street art and graffiti is bad for the community.

Street art brings people and businesses across the spectrum together. Many companies offer or commission a street artist to design something for their premises.
This may include a mural on the side of the building, street art painted within a pub or nightclub or to spruce up a company’s reception area.

5. All Street artists are well off.

Most street artist do sell their work but the profits are put back into their art and more materials and art supplies are bought with the proceeds.

6. Street Artists have it easy.

Many artist’s struggle to show the world their talents and street art is a big door way to showing vast amounts of people their work. Street artist’s have to prove themselves and be dedicated in order for their work to receive any recognition.






Gloucester Paint Jam August 2014

Gloucester Paint Jam was held on 2-3 August 2014 and featured various artist from around the globe. The build up to the festival was very exciting and updated through social media and the local Gloucester citizen newspaper. A map of where the street art was being completed around Gloucester city centre was issued a few days before the event.


I was lucky enough to see many of the artist at work and their finished pieces.

This event was free and open to everyone of all ages.

The Rusty Alexander traveling art gallery was also featured at Paint Jam on both days. Offering art to purchase from many of the painters featured at the festival.


The Street Art Festival was the first to be held in Gloucester and I hope there are many more to come.